My inner artist finds a new passion

By Sheri Dougherty

This year brought a new passion — creating a new type of art — fused glass — a process of combining different types of glass and other materials and firing it in a kiln. This art form is quite old. While the precise origins of glass fusing techniques are not known with certainty, there is archeological evidence that the Egyptians were familiar with techniques ca. 2000 BCE. Although this date is generally accepted by researchers, some historians argue that the earliest fusing techniques were first developed by the Romans, who were much more prolific glassworkers. A variety of things can be made using this process, from bowls and plates to pictures you can hang on walls.

I have done other types of art, like oil and watercolor painting and photography my entire life – but wanted to try something new and different. Fused glass art seemed like a fascinating craft to explore. Now that I have taken classes, I am hooked! I built a studio in my garage, bought a kiln and the materials and tools needed to really dive into this medium. I am learning something new every time I step into my studio. Some pieces turn out great and others – well, not so great. But what fun I am having with the creative process and learning something new.