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Category: Change Leadership and Management , Communications , People Transformation
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To meet its mission of fostering a culture in which all employers support and value the employment and military service of National Guard/Reserve members, the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) needed to raise awareness among Guard and Reservist members about the employment services ESGR provides; alleviate employer concern about possible post-deployment medical issues; and give the ESGR workforce, a network of more than 4,600 volunteers in 50 states and four U.S. territories, the tools necessary to reach employers and Guard and Reservists.

Challenge: DAI Solutions needed to strengthen ESGR’s brand and identity and design strategies for delivering powerful and emotional messaging so that Guard and Reservists were aware of and used the wealth of employment assistance available to them, and so that employers felt confident about hiring this workforce.

Approach: DAI Solutions created practical communications and marketing tools for ESGR volunteers that increased involvement of employers and support for Service members and their families during pre‐deployment, deployment and post‐deployment phases. Our work included:

  • A revised and strengthened ESGR brand, including targeted messaging for various audiences to clarify ESGR’s value proposition
  • Strong relationships between national and state ESGR staff to gain buy-in for the refreshed brand, ESGR program messaging, and outreach needs
  • Customizable print, radio and social media materials for ESGR staff in the 50 states and U.S. territories, with messaging specific to state-level engagement of employers and National Guard/Reserve audiences
  • Repositioning ESGR’s annual Freedom Award ceremony to reflect the patriotism of the military, deepening ESGR’s connection with target audiences and increasing marketing resonance
  • Raising awareness of ESGR offerings through earned and paid media, including a radio media tour that garnered 87 interviews with ESGR local and national leaders and the airing of 167 radio public service announcements

Our work led to participation in ESGR activities by employers and Guard/Reservists at the state and local levels. ESGR is achieving its vision — fostering a culture in which all U.S. employers support and value the employment and military service of members of the National Guard and Reserve.